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Key Features

8 Hrs of High Quality e-Learning Content 14 PDUs Offered
Courseware Approved by EXIN 10 Chapter-end Quizzes
2 Agile & Scrum Simulation Exams Agile Scrum Foundation Exam Fee Included (except Japan & India)

Agile Scrum Overview

The Agile Scrum Foundation certification training is a certification that validates a professional’s knowledge in agile methodologies and scrum practices. Agile methodologies are popular approaches in software development, while scrum practices include software development by cross-functional and self-managed teams, producing working code at the end of each iteration or Sprint.
Agile Scrum Foundation certification helps professionals in demonstrating:

Ability to implement agile scrum tools,
Capability to teach agile and scrum practices,
Competence to ensure Scrum is understood and enacted by the team.

  • 1.1 - Agile Scrum Introduction
  • 2.1 - Agile Scrum Methodologies
  • 3.1 - Scrum Roles
  • 4.1 - Agile Scrum Ceremonies
  • 5.1 - Scrum Artifacts
  • 6.1 - Scrum Best Practices
  • 7.1 - Scrum Planning
  • 6.1 - Scrum Estimation
  • 7.1 - Monitoring Scrum Projects
  • 7.1 - Advanced Scrum Concepts

Why is the certification most sought-after?
The Agile Scrum Foundation certification is provided by Exin. Exin is an ISO certified independent examination institute and is a leading provider of independent information management certification and accreditation. There are over 50000 Agile and Scrum certified professionals worldwide.

Easzlearn course on Agile Scrum Foundation certification will enhance the industry credibility and recognition and also boost the earning potential of management professionals.

How do I get certified in Agile Scrum Foundation Professional?

There are no eligibility criteria for the certification. But, the course is primarily targeted at ScrumMasters and Agile enthusiasts who are responsible for the successful use and/or roll-out of Agile and Scrum in a project or enterprise.

It is useful if the candidates have:

An understanding of the basics of project management
Been closely involved with a project that builds or enhances a product
An experience of at least 3 years working in software development teams

You will have online access to e-learning and practice tests along with the training.
You will have online access to e-learning and practice tests along with the training.
Yes, you can extend the access period by paying an additional fee. Contact for more information.

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