Refund Policies
This Policy covers Refund policies. Easzlearn is a Customer Service Driven Organization focused on providing high level Instructor Led Trainings. However, Operational issues can affect our services. To facilitate the customer to make informed choices prior to the enrolments and to aid Easzlearn, this policy has been made available.

Refund Policy:
Refund can be sought with the following terms
1. Refund can be sought without any reason upto 14 working days before the scheduled B
atch date. An amount of Rs.500 would be deducted towards administration charges and the remaining fee paid would be refunded in full.
2. Refunds sought between 13 and 7 working days prior to the scheduled Batch date will not be considered for full
refund. 50% of the fee paid would be refunded in this event.
3. No Refunds would be done for requests received less than 7 working days before the schedules batch date
Note: Customer has an option for batch transfer . Batch transfer would be done free of cost if request is received 14 working days prior to the batch date . Rs. 1000 would be charged for Batch transfer option for less than 14 days prior to the Batch launch date. Customer is expected to produce Documentation proof to the Satisfaction of the Accounts department for processing the Refund under the Partial Refund Policy.Customers need to read the Refund policy prior to the Enrolment.
Batch Postponement:
Easzlearn strives to start batches as per schedule. Postponement and cancellation is done only in inevitable situation.
Easzlearn reserves the right to postponement of batches. The communication on the batch postponement would be
provided 3 working days prior to the scheduled batch launch. Refunds are not applicable for batch postponement.
Refunds can be sought for batch cancellation.
Batch Cancellation:
A Batch is considered as cancelled only in the following situations.
1. Easzlearn makes a formal announcement on the cancellation.
2. Batch has been postponed on more than 2 occasions and Easzlearn does not provide any rescheduled dates.
(i) Refunds can be sought for Batch Cancellations.
(ii) The Refunds are applicable only for the tuition fee paid.
(iii) Refunds are not applicable for fee paid towards Books, Materials, and Certificates.